Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Candy Crush Gaga

My Level in Candy Crush Saga

A lot of people have been questioning my OH-SO-HIGH Level in this game. *Ahem* Hahahhaha!
Which is very flattering because of the big gap separating my friends levels with mine. Hahahahaha!

You see, I've been playing this game since September 2012, so I guess I have the right to claim that position, since its only now that many people are going GAGA about this game. I've been Going  Crazy all over this game for such a long time! It's all because of  The...

Bubble Witch Saga! This game was my first priority back then, but there came a point in time where I used up all my lives and since I'm so addicted to this game I needed other sources of "free-life" options. So I downloaded Candy Crush Saga to completely fill up my lives in Bubble Witch. From then on, I started playing Bubble Witch less because Candy Crush is more appealing and addicting! 

Reaching Level 162 is very difficult. I remembered a time were I had to play the same level for almost 2 weeks just because I couldn't get it done. There were less players few months back so I had no choice but to wait for my lives to regenerate, unlike now. Gazillions are playing and sending/asking lives and tickets. I also stopped playing for a month, surprisingly I'm still at the top of the list, hehe. 

On our recent trip to Hong Kong, I was so amazed how locals go gaga too over Candy Crush! haha! I saw people playing using their iPhones/Androids in Disneyland, restaurants, Ocean Park, Malls, Streets, and inside the MTR. I just forgot to ask their Facebook accounts so they could send me lives I badly needed. 

Okay, here are some pictures which I do not own, i just grabbed it from a website named http://www.gamezebo.com. These are the power ups gained if you switch 4 or more candies :)

Candy with wrapper

This setup of candies results to a wrapped candy that bursts! If you Switch this candy to a striped one it will become a BIG candy that will wipe your candies horizontally and vertically! Amazing! Seriously, its fun to see it happening. 

Polkadots Candy

This candy is my FAVORITE!! you'll get this if you switch 5 of the same candy color. The power of this one is beyond words, hehe. If you switch it to any color, all candies with that same color will burst adding more points and giving more space for new ones. If you switch it to a striped candy, all candies with the same color will become striped power ups! Again, giving you more score. But the mother of all power ups is when you switch this polkadots candy to another polkadots candy, all the candies in your board will be zapped and new candies will refill your board giving you again additional score.

Striped Candy

Last but not the least, the striped candy, you'll acquire this if you switch four of the same color, if you switch it vertically the striped candy will wipe all the candies on its row vertically and same goes Horizontally.

So FUN that the only thing that makes me sad is how the life can only be up to 5, and that you need/have to buy power-ups which are so expensive. You can't even gift power-ups to your friends. Boo! Calling the maker/developer http://www.king.com, please make our lives more fun by including power-ups as gifts and increasing life capacity.

Self proclaimed Candy Crush Saga Addict,



  1. hindi ko matanggap na sobrang tagal mo nang naglalaro nito. at sobrang naiinis ako na nastuck ako sa 89. nakakaloka rin sobra na pag nakikita ko yung name mo sa highscore. unfair!

    umamin ka na. gumagamit ka ng card. charots burigs. hahahaha. :)

  2. hahahahhaha! kawawa nga ako dati kase dalawa or tatlo lang kame naglalaro nyan! walang mahingan ng buhay kase iniisnob nyo lang ang mga posts hahhaha. tapos ngayon!!! kayo na! ahahahhah. nawalan na nga ako ng gana jan naglaro naman ako ng SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT! haha naadik din ako dun hahahhaha.

    Nagaadik ako minsan di ako natutulog kakalaro wahahahahah.