Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random Favorites #1

Hello Saturday!! How you guys been? Me? Same old Just-at-home-doing-anything-kind-of-Saturday :)
I started writing this post early Saturday, hehehe. sorry for the delay :P

I have no specific topic for this blog so anything goes. Today I'm sharing you some of my random favorites. 

Favorites #1: Allan and Barbara Pease ( Self-help category books)

Nobody can teach us about life, but they can give us tips, common informations and experiences. These books I'm sharing are written by a married couple from Australia.

Allan Pease first became known from his best-selling book "Body Language" dated 1981.

 Originally a musician, he became a life insurance salesman, and then started a career as a speaker and trainer in sales, and subsequently in body language and communication skills. (wikipedia)

He wrote a number of books on topics of communication and sex differences. Most of them were co-written with his wife Barbara Pease.

Barbara Pease is one of the most famous/successful female writers. An author and a co-author of 10 number 1 best selling books. She's the CEO of the PEASE COMPANY and controls all the distribution of the books, DVDs, sales, training, body language, Etc.

These books may have written with different perspectives because of the culture difference that I've opened my eyes with, but I find most of its contents informative, reality based, funny, and helpful. They also have SCIENTIFIC reasoning and BIOLOGICAL truths thats why they got me hooked and entertained.

Why men lie and women cry (sorry for the crappy photo)

This is my favorite book! also the very first PEASE book I've read. Why men lie and women cry. This got me pinned down my bed for 3 hours. Made me think, laugh, and say OOoohhh. The thing I like about the most reading their books is the fact that they state both sides. How women see and feel about the situation. How men interpret and reply. Amusing but informative! Heres a snapshot of a funny cartoon inside the book:

Hahahaha. forgive the yellowish tint, this book's pretty old. hehe

The second book I own, Why men don't have a clue and Women always need more shoes, deals with everyday situations of a couple. The authors give their personal experiences as reference and honestly most of them are relatable.

I think I need more shoes. :P

Some topics.. :)

Why men want SEX  and women need L<3VE, added this one to my collection right away. 
As blunt as the title, this book gave direct explanations to the most discreet situations.

Tell me about it!

Oh Women! and Oh... Men.... Hahaha

My last PEASE book is entitled Why men can only do one thing at a time and women never stop talking. This one's special, its only small and is hard bounded. I appreciate this book so much for it shows the differences of both. I can totally relate for I can:

Text or Call, Eat, Sing, Take pictures, Do make-up, while Driving. It sounds bad, but I'm not kidding.

This book answers all the questions both men and women are trying to figure out. I guess. It amuses me how simple and complicated humans are.

Blah.. blah.. blahh.. blahh. blahhhhh T_T hahahhahaha

See the difference?!

Men miss the details.
Books are silent references of all the things needed questioning. Authors write all they know to be able to share different views to different people. We are all unique individuals but at some point we meet in the middle and share the same ground.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! LoveLove!



  1. really true! books are teachers ;-) it takes me to places i dream of. those books you mentioned are interesting. at least we'll get all those explanation why theres this differences with women and men.

    1. I forgot to say that Im recommending these books hahaha :) books really are the silent speakers. It makes our world go round and blurry imaginations become vivid :) try reading these books miss :)

  2. buriggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggs!
    isama mo na rin dito yung he is just not into you na book. maganda rin yun at marami akong natutunan pertaining on how men think and feel.

    1. kumalma ka.. no.1 palang yan. hahhaha. madami pang iba. hahhahahahhaha.pero hindi ko pa nababsa yan, kaya kelangan mabasa ko muna.. napanuod ko lang sa movie.. hehehe.. twilight na lang kaya? hahhahahahha