Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Random Reality

I welcome myself back to the world of blogging! 

I've been staring at my laptops monitor looking at friends profiles, answering emails, replying to text messages or playing unending games. Yes, never-ending games that eats all my time everyday. I seriously need a job (I have one, but I call it a passive job since I only work at home), or the least, something to do. That's why I've given blogging another try.

I found myself signing up for an online sampling site www.sampleroom.ph which added up to this decision. To be able to share the samples I've tried and what wonders it did for me, and to be able to rant about all the things that bothers and makes me at most happy.

I might share my baking abilities too! 

At least I'm beginning to share my life again, and I'm so good at this. I've always been an open book and what you see is what you get, get me?

Credits to http://nyabach0i.blogspot.com/ Mae!!! For my name :) She knows me took well :)



  1. like you, i started blogging since 2009, but never pushed through until 2012 came and since then, im enjoying blogging. give it a try. explore and make friends ;-)

    1. Thanks for entering my very first comment :) My very first Blogger friend :) TC!

  2. BURIGS!! welcome back to blogging! sagot ko ang header mo pag nagkatime ako. :D