Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shoe Trick

Yesterday, he told me to put out all our rubber shoes off the shoe closet because he would make them look brand new.

Okay, for a moment I was shocked that he's willing to clean all our shoes since we have a lot of rubber shoes. He's an athlete and I'm a tomboy. haha

Then he told me how the "athletes do it." He only needs: 

1.) An alcohol ( we only have green cross at home + it has moisturizer )

2.) A toothbrush or of any sort ( he used the brush from the free hotel kit )

3.) A towel ( in our case he used katcha )

4.) A small cup

He started off by filling the little cup (forgot to include the little cups' picture. hehe.) an ample amount of alcohol. Filling it up half full.

He dips the toothbrush and starts to brush in circular motion, the rubber part of the shoe (soles). He stated that only the rubber parts specifically the soles (?) of the shoe are the only thing you can clean using the alcohol. He brushed portion per portion in circular motion.

After one portion, he then used the Towel/Katcha to wipe the part. He continues the same routine all throughout the rubber parts.

VOILA! ( TENEENN!! actually what he said )

A clear difference from the dirty pair of the shoe :)

He added that they (him and his team mates before) used to do this trick because it's very convenient and cheap. Easily dries out too!

He cleaned my shoes next and here's the proof!

Left pair ( BEFORE)                                                                                               Right pair (AFTER)

I just want to say how happy I am to have a husband like him (we're not yet married but being together for more than 7 years and living together for almost 5 years feels like marriage already) He do things at times you don't expect, and does it smiling. Change is constant and I am the happiest.


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