Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did you know?

It's Wednesday Morning People! :) 

Rise and Grind!

You know how I'm addicted to the internet, that as soon as I wake up I check all my internet stuff. And of course, It's still game on, Candy Crush Saga.

A year ago, I came across a Facebook fan page named: (Useful Info) I like this page so much because it shares interesting photos and informations. I'm never going to UN-LIKE this page ever. 

I'm not sure if its legitimate but I really find most of their posts interesting and plausible... even correct and believable.

Today they shared a photo that most of us notice, but ask ourselves why these simple things are printed in our daily usage of some products. In which majority of these box prints are seen mostly in Product tubes, like toothpaste, topical medicines, facial washes, lotions, etc.

Photo Credits to:

Seriously, we need to KNOW this! YOU need to KNOW this! 

That's why I opted to do this as my Wednesday-anything-goes-blog-post. I sometimes see YELLOW, but in this information, yellow doesn't have a definition so I might as well continue to research on this later.

I think I have a busy day ahead, full of personal and business errands! :P

All natural,


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