Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who's Maxi?

Good Morning! Before I sleep tonight, I would like all of you to meet my adorable first born baby girl :)

Maxima "max/maxi" Burigsay Javier

She was born on July 7, 2012

She's a crossbreed of :

A Toy Poodle Father and a Mini Pinscher Mother

Loves to eat vegetables and hates yakult

Happy chewing on almost everything including Mommys iphone earphones

Enjoys chewing her own ears

Loves tummy kisses and of all sorts

Sleeps under blankets and over Mommys pillows

CariƱo brutal with Mommy but always gentle and an angel to Daddy.

I didn't know I'd feel great Love until this little ball of fur came along :) Teaching me the value of Patience everyday! I'm thanking God and the one who gave her to us!

To my maxi, I LOVE YOU everyday :)




  1. ang sobrang attached sayo na aso!!! ang cute ni max!! kaso galit siya palagi sa ibang tao. hahaha.

    1. te, sobrang attached. nung pumunta kame hongkomng ayaw kumain hahhaha. tapos kahit saan ako pumunta sunod ng sunod. hahahha. cute! sabihan mo ankie nasan na yung aso ko? haha

    2. hay naku ikaw magsabi kay ankie. kelangan ifollowup mo yun. para may kapatid na si maxi. pero kelangan burigs, sabi ni cesar milan, hindi sobrang obsessed ang aso sa master. manuod ka ng mga shows niya! download mo isa isa.

    3. hahahha. sorry the, obsessed saken ewan ko ba. kahit nasa c.r. ako wait talaga siya sa loob. hahhaha

  2. she's so cute. i have a jap spitz, and he's showing some lethargy at this time. and yours is so bubbly.

    1. Not just bubbly, crazy! haha. always running around the house. My bad coz I feed her honey.. Increasing sugar levels. hehe