Sunday, February 24, 2013


Looking back years ago, my mother bought me my very first KITCHEN AID mixer! Then all the magic started happening :)

Series of eeewww and yummy recipes then emerged.

I have a sweet tooth (though Diabetes runs in our blood) Chocolates, Cakes, Cookies and all the sweet stuff you could ever find... I love 'em.

Today I decided to bake Nutella Cookies since my Pseudo babies are here in our house and we're watching lots of movies including cartoons :)

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Here's one recipe that's easy to remember and sooo YUMMY to forget:


Second set photos O.o


1 cup NUTELLA spread
1/2 cup Sifted Flour
1/2 granulated sugar
1 room temperature Egg

350 degrees farenheit = 177 degrees celsius (Preheat Oven)

Baking Time = 7-8 minutes

Using your electric mixer, mix all the dry ingredients first then the egg, then add the Nutella.
You can also mix them manually using a wooden spoon or a spatula, just make sure you mixed them well.

Using your hands (make sure they're clean) scoop a spoonful and make a ball using your palm. About 1 inch.
drop the balled cookie batter on the baking tray with WAX PAPER (or if you have silicone mats) and press the cookie dough using a cups flat bottom. Put them in the Oven.

Wait for 7-8 minutes (smell the aroma....hmmmmmnnn) and TADAAAAH!!!

Let the cookies cool on a wire rack / or any flat area. and EAT! ( i like mine hot, so I eat it right away!)

They taste really gooood! 

Happy Sweet-kind-of-Sunday Indeed,


P.S. Don't forget to go to Church and hear Mass to thank GOD for making us see the world this day and for all the blessings we've all been receiving may it be big or small. I love you God :)


  1. Nutella cookies?!?!????? Omg nagutom ako.

    1. ahaha. parang nalungkot nga ako kase naubos yung spread ko agad agad! wahahah

    2. bago pa man makapag luto naubos na yung spread sa kakapapak.